e-NIOS selected for participation in the PERMIDES project

A joint project between e-NIOS and Genosalut genomics company is among the 25 best-ranked projects funded by a PERMIDES Innovation Voucher.

The project, entitled “Prioritization and pathway Analysis by MachinE LeArning”, aims at the development of an innovative precision medicine application, which integrates clinical and computational expertise, as a decision support tool for diagnosis and treatment of complex diseases.

PERMIDES is one out of five European INNOSUP-1-2015 – Cluster facilitated projects for new value chains (funded under EC Call for proposal: H2020-INNOSUP-2015-1), promoting innovation in Personalized Medicine as an Emerging Industry in Europe. PERMIDES targets key solutions for the reconfiguration of the biopharmaceutical value chain towards a Health Economy 4.0 with a special focus on oncology.


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