Intelligent, automated interpretation of genomic data

BioInfoMiner delivers unsupervized, fast and integrative interpretation of -omics experiments. The tool accepts lists of genes from a variety of organisms, performs prioritization of detected systemic processes and derives a compact signature, consisting of systemic processes and their driver genes.

The derived signature constitutes a deconvoluted projection onto biological networks of hierarchical structure (Ontologies, Reactome pathway database), corrected for biases and inconsistencies.

BioInfoMiner, does not perform similarly to a typical enrichment analysis. Thus, it constitutes a rational basis for unsupervized biomarker prioritization and systematic comparison between different physiological conditions.



Selected publications involving BioInfoMiner


  • Fast, unsupervised interpretation suitable for streamlined processes
  • Integrates multiple layers of biological regulation (genomic/epigenomic, structural/functional)
  • Unique algorithm that observes and corrects not only technical, but also biological noise
  • Proprietary, high-quality ontological databases
  • Delivers signatures of molecular biomarkers, characterized by minimum size/maximum information
  • Works with a variety of organisms of all Kingdoms


  • Design of CRISPR targeting strategies
  • Precision medicine
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Drug discovery
  • Diagnostics, Prognostics, Monitoring
  • Biotechnology