In silico analysis of Phage Display peptide libraries

–A computational platform for analysis of phage display libraries for discovery of oligopeptides with pharmacological action

Functional Analysis of Phage Display Repertoires

–PepSimili implements a computational methodology, which performs mapping of massive peptide repertoires on whole proteomes and delivers a streamlined, systemic interpretation of underlying biological processes and master regulator genes, by projecting of sets of impacted proteins onto controlled ontological and pathway networks

Prioritization of target proteins and mimicking peptides

–Derives a systems-level interpretation of the mechanisms impacted by the cumulative effect of multiple mimicking peptides on protein networks. Ultimately, it manages to shortlist and rank candidate target proteins deriving from Phage Display experiments, according to their functional impact.

Identification of key cellular processes and peptides with potential pharmacological action

Detects the potential pharmacological action of oligopeptides and significantly accelerates their screening.