Intelligent, automated interpretation of genomic data

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BioInfoMiner delivers unsupervized, fast and integrative interpretation of -omics experiments. The tool performs prioritization of key processes and derives a compact signature, consisting of few systemic processes and their driver genes.

Selected publications involving BioInfoMiner

Case study with extraction of signatures from TCGA data on the Seven Bridges Platform


  • Fast, unsupervised interpretation suitable for streamlined processes
  • Integrates multiple layers of biological regulation (genomic/epigenomic, structural/functional)
  • Unique, proprietary algorithm for knowledge extraction that observes and corrects not only technical, but also biological noise
  • Delivers signatures of molecular biomarkers, characterized by minimum size/maximum information
  • Works with a variety of organisms of all Kingdoms


  • Design of CRISPR targeting strategies
  • Precision medicine
  • Pharmacogenomics
  • Drug discovery
  • Diagnostics, Prognostics, Monitoring
  • Biotechnology