NGS Data Analysis

Integrative NGS data analysis workflows

e-NIOS offers fully integrated solutions for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis and interpretation. Customized state-of-the-art workflows are coupled with BioInfoMiner interpretation analysis for biomarker discovery and target prioritization:

  • Whole Exome Sequencing – Variant calling and prioritization
  • RNA Sequencing – Differential Expression analysis with pathway and gene prioritization
  • Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing – Differential Methylation Analysis with pathway and gene prioritization
  • Phage Display – Functional analysis of massive peptide repertoires and rapid critical biomarker identification

Automated interpretation: Biomarker signature derivation

With the power of BioInfoMiner we dramatically reduce biological complexity and transform your raw data into robust biomarker signatures describing key molecular processes and their driver genes. The signatures combine minimal size with maximum information, ensuring that key molecular players will not be hidden among hundreds or thousands of confounding actors (differentially expressed/methylated genes, variants), typically derived from common data analyses.

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Pharmacogenomic analysis

The analysis provides ranked short lists of candidate druggable gene targets and their associated available drugs, enabling formulation of combinatorial therapeutic approaches.