Ultra-fast multi-omics biomarker prioritization

The eNiOS Platform enables a genuinely data-driven genomic interpretation process, suitable for streamlined, unsupervized extraction of biomarkers.

Who we serve

Biotech labs

Standardization and automation of genomic or/and multi-omic analysis. Acceleration of early biomarker discovery, leading to significant reduction of overall costs.

Core facilities

Standardization and automation of processing of high throughput -omic data, from raw files to biological insights.

Principal Investigators

Fast, intelligent and reproducible processing of multi-omic experiments, from raw data to critical biomarkers. Significantly enhancing resources efficiency, productivity and reproducibility of results.


Streamlined analysis and interpretation of clinical -omic data, enabling Precision Medicine applications.


BioInfoMiner cloud application

BioInfoMiner delivers fast, intelligent interpretation of processed -omic data. Through an API it can be easily integrated into third-party workflows.

High-performance computational platform for biomedical/NGS data

eNiOS offers fully integrated solutions for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis and interpretation. Customizable state-of-the-art workflows are coupled with BioInfoMiner interpretation analysis for biomarker discovery and target prioritization.

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