Transforming the avalanche of genomic complexity into insightful, high-throughput, systemic, information streams.

-Omics data interpretation, i.e. the derivation of actionable molecular biomarkers, is currently the main bottleneck in streamlined applications, obstructing the transformation of genomic information into insights for Biomedicine and Biotech. Interpretation is still largely performed manually, subject to expert decision, in contrast to upstream processing of raw -omic data, far more standardized and automated.

e-NIOS BioInfoMiner addresses the challenge of unsupervised interpretation of -omics data, through an innovative framework that resolves biological complexity and derives biomarker signatures of minimum size/maximum information. Moreover BioInfoMiner leverages the power of a high performance cloud workflow engine, delivering efficient, unsupervised, integrative -omics data analysis, encompassing all steps, from raw data processing to biomarker signature derivation, and supporting a wide spectrum of streamlined applications in the fields of Precision Medicine, Clinics, Molecular Diagnostics, Pharmacogenomics and Agrigenomics.

Intelligent, automated analysis of genomic data

BioInfoMiner Genomics Interpretation platform

Streamlined analysis of raw VCF files and variant prioritization

e-NIOS offers fully integrated solutions for Next Generation Sequencing and Microarrays data analysis and interpretation. Customized state-of-the-art workflows are coupled with BioInfoMiner interpretation analysis for biomarker discovery and target prioritization:

Selected publications involving BioInfoMiner