eNiOS intelligent -omic platform

Unlock biology-driven interpretation of your -omic data

The complexity of biological data imposes the need for explainable AI. Intelligence, artificial or not, requires feeding with prior knowledge. The eNiOS BioInfoMiner platform embeds biological knowledge into AI and enables a data but also biology-driven genomic interpretation process.

Optimization of clinical trials

Identify in advance cohort sub-groups which are more likely to benefit from therapy and why. Increase the success rates of clinical trials.

Early biomarker discovery and drug targeting

Prioritize critical biomarkers and molecular pathways.

Intelligent, fast interpretation of NGS data

eNiOS offers fully integrated solutions for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis and interpretation. Customizable state-of-the-art workflows are coupled with BioInfoMiner interpretation analysis for biomarker discovery and target prioritization.