Streamlined multi-omics biomarker prioritization

The eNiOS Platform enables a data-driven genomic interpretation process, suitable for streamlined extraction of biomarkers.

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BioInfoMiner cloud application

BioInfoMiner delivers fast, intelligent interpretation of processed -omic data. Through an API it can be easily integrated into third-party workflows.

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High-performance computational platform for biomedical/NGS data

eNiOS offers fully integrated solutions for Next Generation Sequencing data analysis and interpretation. Customizable state-of-the-art workflows are coupled with BioInfoMiner interpretation analysis for biomarker discovery and target prioritization.

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In silico analysis of Phage Display peptide libraries

The e-NiOS PepSimili platform derives a systems-level interpretation of the mechanisms impacted by the cumulative effect of multiple mimicking peptides on protein networks. Ultimately, it manages to shortlist and rank candidate target proteins deriving from Phage Display experiments, according to their functional impact.